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we're going to turn to lindsey mastis. catch us up. >> well lesli, why is terry jones calling it off? he insisted that it is not from all the pressure that he has received. he plans to burn that in response to the islamic center that will be built near ground zero in new york city. now he claims that it is not going to happen. therefore he won't burn the koran. >> i will be flying up there on saturday to meet with them at the ground zero mosque. he has agreed to move the location. that of course could not happen
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overnight. >> i have made this morning contact with the office of the mosque. and i got the commitment to fly up to new york and to meet with him in the company of jones. to wisconsin and to come to the location of relocating the mosque. up in new york, he will not bargain over the sight of the planned new york city mosque near ground zero. me says he is not going to bargain that. the video that you're looking at now, even though they say they are not going to burn the koran, there are already movements around the world in response to the near mission that you're looking at the video out at afghanistan. and although that this story
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has been widely reported, already in the muslim world, this is a victory for the u.s. leaders. and they are concerned that the images of the actual burning of the koran would be used as a recruitment tool. i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. >> since the story has been making headlines, i'm sure you have seen that word sell at least two different ways on television. and the other is quran. now, we use the k version to match the cbs network's coverage and so do the washington post. but cnn and nbc use the q. they are even spelled two ways on the holy book. the correct way to spell the arabic word is with a q. very small down here. that's the more precise representation of the term. but before 2000, the associated press accepted the version with the "k" right there because it was much easier for the audience to read.
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since then, they have changed it back to q-u-r-a-n. tonight, fire and high winds have been blamed for leaving at least four families with no homes to go to. fire spread to the townhouse complex this afternoon near shay place. that is where our peggy fox joins us live. and peggy, this is a real survivor time, isn't it? >> definitely. people got out. and because of their neighbors. there was a bartender out here who got home at five this morning. he was still asleep at 11:00 this morning as fires spread towards his townhouse. and his neighbors, they kept pounding on his door. until he woke up and got out. now those neighbors continue to knock on doors, getting the whole families out as the fire kept spreading from the townhouse to the townhouse. and five in all. very damaged. and it started in the rear of the home. or behind the home. and people who first called that fire department said that it started in the shed can had did burn to the ground.
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along with the wind, writted to the fires and the back pay. >> if you notice those fire wells, they don't extend out behind that office. so you have the vinyl siding that is underneath. and the sockets, and a little bit of the wind jumping from the townhouse to the townhouse. >> i'm thankful that my dog is around. somebody cut that little one. and they took them over there, they were holding her and they called me. >> the firefighter's rescued several dogs. a parrot was pulled to safety. and so were the cats. but this cat survived on her own. 15-year-old dog hid u under a bed in a burning home. the tinged whiskers, very dirty and very much alive. and the owner has a big smile on her face tonight. tonight, her neighbors have agreed to take her pets in because she has no home. the red cross is putting her up
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somewhere. taking in the parrot and the dog and the cat. this is a community which is really leeching out and helping each other in this time of the tragedy. i'm peggy fox reporting live. back to you. >> you're doing exactly what we would all do hopefully in this situation. thank you for that. and a special need's student is taking dc public schools and the chancellor to court because she says that her former teacher fathered her baby. a test proves he is the father of the ten-month-old daughter. according to the court documents, at least five teachers knew about this relationship, but they never reported it. >> as this took place in a private school in dc, it would have been dealt with immediately. >> and here you have a young woman who is most in need. it's why she's in the school in
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the first place. and she is taken advantage of and no one helps her. >> she was placed on leave when the student became pregnant. but we found they were not liable by the school system because the student was 18 and the sex was consensual. tonight, a woman accused of driving drunk is in jail and two women are in the hospital. the 23-year-old hit the victim near 18th street in florida last night. and this is what happened behind. this is what happened. she plowed into a restaurant. one woman is in critical condition. and the other suffered some serious injuries. luckily no one was inside that restaurant when the car came crashing through. ed adam now faces drunk driving charges. tonight, thousands in colorado are waiting to return home as firefighters try to contain a massive wildfire. the fire officials there say they contained about 30% of the
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fire line, but they warned that flying sparks, they kicked up by the high winds could change all that. in just four days, that fire has destroyed nearly 171 homes. also, eight people reported missing have now been found. all right, so it is a common change for most people. you know, you throw it around into some fountains or make a wish or you leave it in one of the little change cups or leave a penny, change a penny. for one mother in kansas, she says it is also used as a weapon. >> i saw something, you know, come off my open window and the next thing i know, she started screaming. >> the woman said a car in front of her threw the penny out of the window. the penny left a mark for a few days but her little girl is doing just fine. they are now asking for help to find the driver who tossed out
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the coin. traffic construction and detours will have a look at tonight's rush hour and all the hot spots that you should avoid coming up after the break, scott? i'm scott broom in landover. just look at the incredible number of the campaign signs and the candidates here in prince george's county. if is overwhelming to voters. when we come back, i'll try to help you sort some of it out. another beautiful day. another sunny day. not as hot as yesterday. here is the almanac. you can always access this on our website, 81 and 65 goes in the weeks. averages are now on the button. 81 and 64. we'll come pack and we'll talk about the -- we'll come back and talk about the weekend and whether or not they will be playing in the rain or the slight conditions. stay tuned.
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i think it's greatove about how they put politicss union? above my child's education. it's cool how the union makes it almost impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dc's teachers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at thanks, teachers unions. a lot of people are out
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there on the roadways. the nice weather has something to do with it. a lot of people heading out there for dinner perhaps. let's check in with the live pictures at river road right there. you can see a lot of traffic. they are leaving river road towards 270 for this guy on this side from the toll road over to 395. it's going to be a 30-minute commute and growing right now. talking about 395, jammed here as well. approaching duke street with an accident, and it certainly looks like a disabled vehicle off the road. that is not really affecting the flow of traffic. good news for them. if you're leaving town on new york avenue, it's jammed from the parkway over to here. lesli, back to you. >> all right, in tonight's consumer alert, people are just not pulling out their plastic much these days. apparently we have cut pack our credit card use for the past 23 consecutive months. and that is maybe good for our pocketbooks, but they have put a drag on the economy which of course is powered by the consumer spending. all right, so maybe we have seen a few strange things come through the local airport. but this slimy find right here
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could be a first. i'll tell you more about it after the break. here's a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. how dream teams of scientists are working together to help people stand up to cancer all across the country. i'll tell you about one man fighting the disease who was told that he had six months to live eight years ago. and so that story and more tonight on the cbs evening news from los angeles. you could switch for great gas mileage
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isn't enough to avoid dental problems. [ male announcer ] act total care mouthwash rebuilds enamel and kills bad breath germs. [ woman ] to help avoid dental problems, act daily. at dulles airport, u.s.customs agent said that a traveler tried to bring in 14,000 african land snails. how giant? this giant. those slimy creatures were about the size of the child's fist. the snails are believed to be one of the world's worst invasive species because they could severely damage crops and they are illegal in the united states. but if you want to read more about them, you can go to where you live. we've got that button on the website on and select
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this. politics in prince george's county are more mild and whirlly this year. there are a number record of candidates that are creating quite an area. which are also new this year. and our scott broom is live in handover at one of the four early polling places with more on what's going on. and scott, not a dull moment out there, huh? >> not at all. i had to bring you to this place. it is a sports complex over here. and there more signs and campaign workers here than voters. it is just overwhelming. my partner behind the camera is going to show you this one between here and sheriff road, about half an acre completely covered with campaign signs. there are 125 people running for delegate and council council. running for the score board slots. we don't have them in the state's attorney and it is all down right overwhelming for the voters. >> all right.
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including many county executive units. >> and it is the ability to bring all the various people together, that if you look at prince george's county in the last eight years, one of the striking problems that we have had is not the vision. it is the ability to get them
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done. >> he is back by employee unions. >> but as soon as that is the county known as the public servant, we stepped outside the pox just being here. and you know, we provided the foundation. and the scholarship for the young people to go to college. we help seniors with their issues. >> many voters say they need help, just sorting out who is who. >> what's going on? i mean, we're all set up. >> reporter: so you get to this early voting location and you can see a political vacuum, very much once you get filled. here's an example of just how crazy this has gotten and it is so confusing, i need to take a look at my notes on this one. let's take the sheriff's race. that's law enforcement race. and one contender is the former police chief. he's running against another familiar name. hilton. while hilton is the brother of roberto hilton who is the current police chief who replaced him. this is one election where they
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really need to do their research. reporting live, scott broom, 9news now. is center had thank goodness there is no test. thank you, scotty. i was going to say. whose got to clean up all those signs out there? man, that's massive. it's gorgeous if you're going out. >> a reason not to vote. we're looking at another nice evening and a nice stretch of weather for the forecast. tomorrow, great. and it is a fantastic finish. upper 70s. a little breezy. 80s on saturday. staying dry for the game and they will stay dry down at richmond. nascar down there. then on sunday, some good news. we have showers in the forecast. and primarily in the morning. i think that it will be dry for the redskins game by the time they kick off. i think that the nation's triathlon is on sunday morning and that could be a little bit on the west side, nothing. no heavy downpours. all right, tomorrow morning, it will be cool. grab a sweater, low 60s in the burr bs. it's sunny. then the low 70s by lunchtime. breezes kick up just a little bit. and then nice by the upper 70s.
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let's talk about our lack of rainfall as it is a soil and vegetation issue. very dry. low humidity. wind, lots of sunshine, we love that. not good for the fire danger. and so out in eastern west virginia, they have a burning ban on there and an extreme drought, severe drought through culpepper up to western fairfax county. so really, they issued a drought watch for the entire metro area. let's try to conserve water and watch the fires and the cigarette buds. all right, clear skies tonight. it will be cool and crisp. winds diminish, turning off the ac, opening up the windows, not too far. low temperatures in the 50s. we're looking at low 50s in the burbs. 59 downtown. and 53 in bowie. 54 in manassas. tomorrow morning, great, sunshine, breezy and cool. 50s and 60s. by the afternoon, a gorgeous
6:21 pm
day. mostly sunny, breezy. still spectacular highs in the upper 70s. winds increase just a little bit at 10 to 15. all right, west of the device, you're in the 60s, but you're fighting the brisk in oakland. you'll need a sweater there all day. mid-70s, winchester, culpepper, almost 80. 77 in manassas. just beautiful. upper 70s on the water. small craft advisory for them. the next seven days, upper 70s tomorrow. 80 on saturday. again, dry for the turps game. then sunday, some showers. primarily dry for the redskins game. then another nice stretch of weather. low 80s on monday. we're back into the 70s next week. and that is keeping us if mt. mid-70s for the highs next thursday. >> sounds good. thank you, topper. clinton portis. keeping a really low profile. >> it seems like with albert haynesworth doing what he is doing, the whole team has kept a low profile. you have barely heard his name this summer. but man did the redskins need portis starting on sunday? the runningback speaks out as the opener nears.
6:22 pm
plus, the definition of the word backfire. see it next. i think it's greatove about how they put politicss union? above my child's education. it's cool how the union makes it almost impossible to fire bad teachers. it's impressive how my dues money supports politicians i don't even like. dc's teachers union has failed our kids, played politics, and now is threatening to file a lawsuit to block recent progress. find out more at
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thanks, teachers unions.
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with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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now between haynesworth and shanahan and mcnabb, the one guy who has been the redskins most controversial player for years has been relegated to kind of the back burner story this year. that would be clinton portis. with the opener now three days away, clinton is ready to take center stage again. dave owens caught up with him today. >> reporter: it's been a quiet preseason for clinton portis. that's fine by him. >> they have all the other stuff going. you know, it's taking the attention away from me and allow me to come out here and work. >> reporter: despite rushing for nearly 9600 career yards, some are asking if at age 29 if he has any gas left in the tank. portis says sunday night is the perfect time to answer that. >> having this opportunity to be on the stage will be a great sign to go in on the show.
6:26 pm
they are pretty much one of the toughest teams we'll face. >> reporter: portis says he's ready for the challenge, lighter, fresher, starting the season with a better outlook than he has had in years. >> i think i'm meeting my goal this preseason, you know, to make sure that i was never the topic from the conversation ahead. >> reporter: at redskins park, dave owens, 9news now. >> ed good for clinton. meanwhile, the first round pick has changed his number from 72 to 71. some are calling it a respect move towards manley. williams says he just likes 71 better. as for the cowboys, how they beat the redskins twice last summer and it is even worse for donovan mcnabb, losing to dallas three times last year. the cowboys remember they beat the eagles twice in the regular
6:27 pm
season, including a 24-0 beatdown in week 17. then they beat the eagles again in the wild card playoff game, 34-13. mcnabb was sacked 11 times in those three games. and dallas plans to put him on his wallet some more on sunday. >> we have put a lot of pressure oned philadelphia last year. so you know, yeah, a new season. obviously a new team with mcnabb. i guess that we are focusing on putting the pressure on him getting in his face. that will be the key to our success. >> reporter: meanwhile, we're just two days away from the latest installment. operation football. tonight, the campus correspondent coming to us from melinda. this is raiders senior quarterback, running the sweep. leaps up in the air, gets it for 20 yards. they would feel score a moment later. as they knock off the cavaliers, 28-21. if you would like to see more clips or high schoolers, if you would hike to be a campus
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correspondent and get a free video flip cam, log onto and click on high school sports. nascar comes to richmond this weekend, and as race fans will tell you, this is more than just race 26 out of 36 on the schedule. it is the last race before the chase for the cups begins, which means if you're not in the top 12 in points by sunday, then your season is over. and as it stands, clint boyier is the man on the bubble with mark martin, all within 150 points, trying to knock him off that bubble. so if you are him, then you drive safe and you protect that lead. or do you go hard and risk the big mistake? >> it's a lot of pressure. fin had could buckle under that pressure. you just need to go out there, have as much fun with it as you possibly could to make sure that you keep it upbeat, have fun with it no matter what. >> i think you could fit another endorsement logo, i'm not sure. speaking of richmond, they announced that they will no longer be holding training camp.
6:29 pm
starting later this month, they will be right across the river in fairfax virginia. they will open up the training camp at the patriots center with a college-style midnight madness practice on september 28. the doors open to the public at 11:00 p.m. on the 27th. finally tonight, this is from a reality show in europe. they've got a watermelon target. we have a backfire problem for you as they take the melon right in the melon. >> oh. >> and now, unless that watermelon was rotten, those things are pretty hard. but if you have any speed, it looks better. she walked away unharmed. even though there is kind of a trueder film quality to that moment. >> yes, they were looking for you. >> i know. >> all right. that's it for us. the cbs evening news is next. derek will see you at 7:00. have a great night. >> smith: tonight, back from the brink-- that florida

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